Project wrap-up

Last week, the members of our Governance Group convened for a demonstration of the system we have developed, and to approve the Final Report for the project.

With that, this project now officially ends.

However, as noted elsewhere on the blog, the list of requirements we have identified across the Australian Microbiome consortium is long, so there is much scope for continued work into the future to help serve this community.

Some of this work will be undertaken in the short-term as business as usual activities by both the operators of the Bioplatforms Data Portal and Galaxy Australia (e.g. enabling tabular BLAST query results to be viewed on a map, and implementing a phyloseq-based tool for visualising ordination based clustering in a heat map format - see examples below), but most will require further resourcing to be confirmed.

Example of loading the tabular BLAST results produced from the Bioplatforms Data Portal  into a system capable of interpreting and mapping the lat/lng, OTU abundance and sequence similarity values. 

Outputs from a prototype Galaxy-wrapped Phyloseq tool for visualising ordination based clustering in a heat map format (currently deployed on testing systems but scheduled for release on Galaxy Australia in Q1 2019.

With the project ending, this blog will no longer be updated, but to keep up to date on any future developments in this space, please visit the new Australian Microbiome website, and subscribe there for updates which will include information regarding data analysis tools development.

Thanks to everyone involved in the project and farewell!